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Welcome to the STAAD.Pro Ideas portal. The purpose of this site is to post ideas for enhancements and new features. We value your feedback and our team regularly reviews your suggestions for consideration in future releases.

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Update of Canadian Code CSA 23.3 in STAAD Pro

For the design of concrete structures and foundations that will require permit approval in Canada, a recent code is expected. CSA code available in STAAD Pro Connect Edition is still CSA 23.3-94. Currently the latest code is 2019 but the 2014 is a...
Guest 8 months ago in  1 Planned

Automatic effective length calculation

Guest 8 months ago in  6 Planned


Allow teams to have the database file located on a server where multiple STAAD.Pro applications running on different machines can point to. Would allow modifications made on the database to be accessed by all STAAD.Pro applications that point to t...
Guest 7 months ago in  3 Planned

Make it easier to see the full design of individually selected steel members

Create a default way to see the design of one or multiple selected steel beams. Once I select code and "design all". I would like to be able to click on one or more beams and instantly have a button to view the full design input and output. I beli...
R Freund 8 months ago in  3 Planned

Add latest US Aluminum Design Code

STAAD.Pro has offered aluminum design and ASD code checking for many years based on the 1994 Aluminum Design Manual. Since that publication was issued 26 years ago, there have been five subsequent versions released in 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015, and 2...
Steve Haymore 7 months ago in  4 Planned

Automatically generate Image Reports

Please add an option to generate an image report for every load case. The image report are showing how the forces are affecting the structure (see attached screenshots). Currently it is only possible to manually create a screenshot for each load c...
Michael Kikinzon 3 months ago in  1

Wind Loading on Tapered Sections

Dear Colleagues, // STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition - Version // there was a situation where we had to find out the lateral forces due to wind on a light pole (tapered profile) and provide suitable support for the same. Wind was applied usi...
Dani Paul 17 days ago in  1 Planned

Automate an option of effective length and effective length factors for Steel as well as RCC structures

For steel structures, when we are going to assign the Design parameters especially Ly, Ly, Lz and kx, ky, kz , we have to give much manual efforts ,like first we have to identify member length, it's end conditions etc.. then we apply effective len...
Guest about 2 months ago in  2

Steel AutoDrafter: Customized Offset Distance

Steel Auto-Drafter draws member releases with a 20mm offset by default. The user would like to set this offset distance to an arbitrary distance. Additionally, the user would like to set separate distances for each of the following members: ...
Abhisek M 3 months ago in  6 Planned

Auto Wind load for roofing

Implement a method to generate loading on roof structures as per the IS 875 part 3 wind load code using the Cpe method using the values in Table 8 / 9
Guest 8 months ago in  5 Planned