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Welcome to the STAAD.Pro Ideas portal. The purpose of this site is to post ideas for enhancements and new features. We value your feedback and our team regularly reviews your suggestions for consideration in future releases.

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Load Group display in Physical Modeler

Load Group (as reference load) in Physical Modeler should show all loads of same category in a single spreadsheet instead of separate spreadsheet similar to analytical reference load
GOUTAM CHAKRABORTI 3 days ago in  1

Moving Load Moving in Global Vertical Direction

The ability to apply horizontal moving loads that move in the vertical direction (up a column) (e.g. elevator loads on a column).
Guest 7 days ago in  1

Moving Loads Acting in Horizontal Directions

Provide the ability to have horizontal moving loads in addition to the vertical loads. For example, ASCE 7 requires cranes to be designed for vertical loads and horizontal loads. It would be great if STAAD had the ability to have both the vertical...
Guest 7 days ago in  1

Update of Canadian Code CSA 23.3 in STAAD Pro

For the design of concrete structures and foundations that will require permit approval in Canada, a recent code is expected. CSA code available in STAAD Pro Connect Edition is still CSA 23.3-94. Currently the latest code is 2019 but the 2014 is a...
Guest 6 months ago in  1 Future consideration


I propose a stair wizard to be added in parametric model so as to save time of stair modelling in STAAD.Pro, this wizard should include different types of stairs with reference coordinate to be inserted in a model
Joseph Magare 8 days ago in  1 Will not implement

Reuse the water tank module to form a retaining wall module in SPPM

Are there any plans to use the Water Tank module in Structure Wizard in the Physical Modeler to create a retaining wall module? It seems like this could be developed easily from the water tank module.
Richard Tully 13 days ago in  1


This check should be implemented in RCDC as we know during design the reinforcement area maybe needed to be increased in order to pass the beam deflection check
Joseph Magare 13 days ago in  0


Hello i would like to give a suggestion when modelling a structure and create a mesh using parametric model after generating mesh we know the beams are broken into parts depending on the mesh size, if one decides to delete the mesh, then the disin...
Joseph Magare 13 days ago in  0


Hello i would like to drop my suggestion for consideration, as we know up to now Wind Load generator, can only generate wind on panels. But during design we may have to apply corner wind pressure especially in connection design and also to apply w...
Joseph Magare 13 days ago in  0

Automatically generate Image Reports

Please add an option to generate an image report for every load case. The image report are showing how the forces are affecting the structure (see attached screenshots). Currently it is only possible to manually create a screenshot for each load c...
Michael Kikinzon about 1 month ago in  0