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Status Planned
Created by R Freund
Created on Aug 17, 2022

Make it easier to see the full design of individually selected steel members

Create a default way to see the design of one or multiple selected steel beams. Once I select code and "design all". I would like to be able to click on one or more beams and instantly have a button to view the full design input and output. I believe this can be done with "track" and reports or output file, but this feels archaic and cumbersome. Also if you add a new member then you have to go and asign "track" to it.

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  • Admin
    Carlos Aguera
    Aug 18, 2022

    Yes you are right, the dialog displayed by double clicking is in places referred to as the Member Query dialog. This has really expanded into a range of different ideas which each have merit, but would be considered as separate enhancements,

    1) Extend the Steel Design sheet (this is the last design performed)to include the input parameters

    2) Add an additional Steel Design Detail sheet to show the full (equivalent to the TRACK 2) detail design

    3) Add an option to print all sheets from the Member Query.

    Thanks for your endorsement, we are indeed investing a significant effort in developing the physical model and design solution. This is a major exercise, but when released will be a real game changer.

  • R Freund
    Aug 18, 2022

    I'm unsure what "Member Query" is. When I double click on a beam it gives me all the details of the beam "geometry, property, loading, etc". I'm assuming this is "Member Query". This is very helpful and, yes, my idea is to expand this so that I can see a full design output. Also, it would be nice if I could print all the information that is included in the memory query and not have to go page by page (or tab by tab). I'm wondering now if it would be helpful to have all the design "parameters" output here as well. So you could see exactly what each parameter variable is set to for that member (even if it is just the default value). This is helpful when trying to understand why a certain member is failing. It also becomes cumbersome to have to add new members to the "track" command.

    Stepping back a little further (and I know I've posted this a few times). I think this idea is just a steppingstone and I'm hoping the steel design in general gets a bit of an overhaul. STAAD is a great powerful tool, the physical modeler brought it up to current times, and the concrete design is great, I'm just hoping steel design can get an overhaul and it would truly be the go to software package in my opinion.

  • Admin
    Carlos Aguera
    Aug 18, 2022

    Thank you for posting your idea. To be clear then you are looking for an extension of the Member Query (or Member Properties) dialog which, if a member has been designed will include a sheet with a summary of the design. Your idea is to have this extended to show all the details of the input i.e. all the code parameters (does this include those that have not been set, i.e. default) and all the details of the output. If a member has been designed multiple times, show all the deigns or just the last?