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Welcome to the STAAD.Pro Ideas portal. The purpose of this site is to post ideas for enhancements and new features. We value your feedback and our team regularly reviews your suggestions for consideration in future releases.

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Create an OpenSTAAD method that can do pictures

I was really hoping that OpenSTAAD had a method that would be able to take pictures of my model for me. I can't seem to find anything that suggest this is possible. We create reports that are being submitted, and generally we snap pictures of the ...
Dallin STRONG 9 months ago in  3 Future consideration

implement front to front angle configuration in STAAD

In India many Columns are made with 4 leg of angle with lacing of rod or angle(built-up) STAAD have option of design back to back but it is not have front to front angle configuration
Rahul Brijpuriya 3 months ago in  1 Will not implement

ADD the slenderness ratio to the normalized ratio

If the slenderness ratio meets the requirements, but its normalized ratio is not shown in the utilization table, can the slenderness ratio be added to the utilization table, which will help the designer to understand the condition of the member.
Guest 3 months ago in  1 Needs review

Automatically generate Image Reports

Please add an option to generate an image report for every load case. The image report are showing how the forces are affecting the structure (see attached screenshots). Currently it is only possible to manually create a screenshot for each load c...
Michael Kikinzon over 1 year ago in  1 Needs review

Cold formed Member design to EN 1993-1-3

Many STAAD users in Singapore and Malaysia have requested to implement the cold formed member design to EN 1993-1-3. We have lost some prospects to competitors because of the absence of this code in STAAD.Pro. This may be a feature that is request...
Madhan Elumalai almost 2 years ago in  3 Future consideration

Immediate Steel Take Off

Add function to produce a steel take off immediately without having to run the full analysis.
Randy Killian 10 months ago in  5 Planned

Provide detailed calculations and formulas

Can you provide calculations which are similar to the connection design, i.e. include detailed calculations as well as formulas?
Guest 3 months ago in  1 Will not implement

Add code checks for AISC 370

There is a new code for Stainless Steel that has been published by AISC. It would be nice to incorporate the code checks for AISC 370 for materials that have been selected as stainless steel.
Dallin STRONG almost 2 years ago in  10 Future consideration

mass Load generator in Physical Modeller

It would be useful if Mass Model generator is included in physical Modeller.
Mr Vijayarathnam 3 months ago in  1 Needs review

Include the moving load possibility in physical model

No description provided
Guest 4 months ago in  3 Needs review