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Welcome to the STAAD.Pro Ideas portal. The purpose of this site is to post ideas for enhancements and new features. We value your feedback and our team regularly reviews your suggestions for consideration in future releases.

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Add fire calculation in

according to GB 51249-2017, steel structure needs to do the fire calculation and corresponding design. There are more and more security reviews about fire calculation, therefore it's necessary to add these content in
Guest about 2 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Automatic Plate Meshing

Set parameters and have the program create a plate mesh automatically for finite element analysis.
Guest 2 months ago in  5 Already exists

Make it easier to see the full design of individually selected steel members

Create a default way to see the design of one or multiple selected steel beams. Once I select code and "design all". I would like to be able to click on one or more beams and instantly have a button to view the full design input and output. I beli...
Ryan Freund almost 2 years ago in  4 Future consideration


There should be a way to convert STAAD model to 3D pdf. It will become easy for designers to hover over the model and get clear view of the geometry while modelling in 3D softwares. Inspite of inputs provided, they will have access to 3D pdf where...
Guest 3 months ago in  4 Already exists

Modify design parameter "PROFILE"

Design Parameter "PROFILE" seems to check only first 3 characters. If I understand correctly, STAAD already selects the lightest section only for the same kind of section as the current one, and the limit on the height can be set by variables DMAX...
Guest 2 months ago in  3 Planned

Calculation of Stability index Q as per annex E of IS456

To determine whether a column is a no sway or a sway column, stability index Q may be computed as given in annex-e of IS456. It's a very time consuming and cumbersome calculation while we are freezing the column sizes. if Q is directly calculated ...
Guest 2 months ago in  4 Future consideration


Automation of solidity ratio of steel structure for calculating wing load shall be done. It is very time-consuming process for every structure design.
Guest 10 months ago in  7 Already exists

Member Release Bubble - scale / highlight

At present member releases shown as circles at beam ends, makes the view a bit congested with node numbers ON, which makes it difficult to cross verify the DJ1 & DJ2 parameters. if we have an option to scale down the circle (or) introduce a 't...
Dani Paul 12 months ago in  3 Future consideration

EN1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 2005

STAAD.Pro- software is using EN1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 2005, - this is not the latest version of this design code. How do we go about updating this in STAAD-Pro ? We need to be using the latest design code for compliance with our EN1090 fabrication wo...
Guest 4 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Added functionality of new Effective Length Calculator

I am liking this new calculator it super cool. But I have two ideas to build on it 1) The training video that Bentley created to demonstrate this calculator had the demonstrator use the calculator and then open up the input file to delete out the ...
Dallin STRONG 6 months ago in  3 Future consideration