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Created by Guest
Created on May 9, 2024

Modify design parameter "PROFILE"

Design Parameter "PROFILE" seems to check only first 3 characters.

If I understand correctly, STAAD already selects the lightest section only for the same kind of section as the current one, and the limit on the height can be set by variables DMAX, DMIN.

So it seems that what PROFILE is doing now can already be done with other parameters.

I would like to make a suggestion.

In the case of columns, even if W10x33 satisfies the strength design criteria, it is sometimes necessary to use w10x49 with a square cross section for reasons such as girder connections.

Similar cases are very common in steel design practice.

In general, we refer to the members recommended by STAAD and use the engineer's judgment to change to a more appropriate member.

I would like to automate this additional work.

So, my suggestion is that PROFILE parameter compares full chracters to limit the section.

-> If the user enters n characters, set the first n matching sections as candidates for section selection.

I am attempting to implement design automation via the OpenSTAAD API, and it would be very helpful if this feature was modified.

Please refer to my request CS0213895.

  • Guest
    May 9, 2024

    I have only used the Legacy Database so far, but if I use the new Standard Database as you explained, most of my problems seem to be solved.

    If the PROFILE parameter issue is not resolved, I was planning to develop a function to select sections on my own.

    However, if STAAD provides section selection using the Standard Database in the near future, I may not need to do that.

    Could you please let me know when the SELECT feature utilizing the Standard Database is scheduled to be updated?

    Thank you.

  • Admin
    Carlos Aguera
    May 9, 2024

    Thank you for posting this idea. The PROFILE parameter was to created to suit the restrictions and behaviour imposed by the old legacy system. As you say it operates in conjunction with the SELECT command to check ANY profile in the entire current database that begins with the three characters given. This introduced a significant limitation in the way databases had to be designed and limited the ability for engineers to design and create their own databases. The new standard database has been designed to overcome this by being flexible in that each table is given a shape (it does not have to be programmed into STAAD). And the user says which table the profile should come from. In this way a database can have multiple instances of a given shape. So you can have a table of wide flange profiles to be used for columns, another for beams which both have the same profile name. This is a major benefit, however there is just one step that we need to introduce which is the ability to use a design SELECT with profiles from the new standard database. Once this is in place, then your goal can be achieved.

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