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Status Needs review
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 23, 2024

ADD the slenderness ratio to the normalized ratio

If the slenderness ratio meets the requirements, but its normalized ratio is not shown in the utilization table, can the slenderness ratio be added to the utilization table, which will help the designer to understand the condition of the member.

  • Admin
    Carlos Aguera
    May 9, 2024

    Thank you for posting this idea. Please can you provide an explanation as to the benefit this would offer engineers? Different codes have different slenderness requirements, e.g. tension limit and compression limit and some dont have any requirement. So are thinking that the table shows the ratios for tension and compression slenderness in 2 additional columns and if the code does not require it, or the user turned the check off, then it shows n/a? Perhaps having access to the slenderness check results through OpenSTAAD might be more useful?