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Status Will not implement
Created by takeshi nakahama
Created on Dec 6, 2023

GetUDLLoads command has probrem

I am testing Load.GetUDLLoads command. The contents of the returned D1Array will always be 0.

For example, 1992 UNI 0.100 7.750 10.250, since 7.750 is not returned in D1Array,I can not check the range which the load is applied .

D2Array truely returned 10.250

Please solve the problem.

  • Admin
    Carlos Aguera
    Dec 6, 2023

    Thank you for reaching out, but this is not the right place for raising issues. Other engineers can then use this as a way to vote for the best ideas which can be put forward for future development. The purpose of this forum is to log ideas which would provide a better solution. Please log any queries or concerns or questions as a service ticket and that will get followed up for you. This will be closed as an idea