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Welcome to the STAAD.Pro Ideas portal. The purpose of this site is to post ideas for enhancements and new features. We value your feedback and our team regularly reviews your suggestions for consideration in future releases.

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Turkish Building Earthquake Code 2018 and TS 500

Türkiye de yaşayan mühendislerin programlarınızı kendi ülke standart ve kurallarına göre daha rahat kullanabilmeleri ve bunun paralelinde programlarınızın kullanım oranlarının artması doğrultusunda eklenmesi yaralı olacaktır.
Yahya Karadede 14 days ago in  4 Future consideration

Calculation of Stability index Q as per annex E of IS456

To determine whether a column is a no sway or a sway column, stability index Q may be computed as given in annex-e of IS456. It's a very time consuming and cumbersome calculation while we are freezing the column sizes. if Q is directly calculated ...
Guest about 1 month ago in  4 Future consideration

Introduce "Dynamic pictures" for quick reports update

Hello, Could you introduce "Dynamic Pictures" in STAAD? Engineers spend a good amount of time in generating clearly annotated and detailed reports within all project's lifecycle. In a competitive environment, hitting timelines is paramount. A dyna...
Ola Joda 2 months ago in  1 Future consideration

EN1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 2005

STAAD.Pro- software is using EN1993-1-1 Eurocode 3 2005, - this is not the latest version of this design code. How do we go about updating this in STAAD-Pro ? We need to be using the latest design code for compliance with our EN1090 fabrication wo...
Guest 3 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Improve GUI and STAAD Editor operability

Please allow user to remove multilinear springs in GUI rather than going into the editor to remove 1 or 2 lines of text.
Guest 3 months ago in  1 Future consideration

addition of new beams in existing group definition

currently if anyone need to add the beams in group definition, all the beams including existing added need to be selected. if new beams can be added without selecting existing beams, it will be easier
Guest 4 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Multiple design parameters results in post processing window for Indian code IS 800-2007 is requested.

This will reduce the tedious process of turning on and off each design parameter from editor file and then running the full input file again multiple times. If this can be implemented for AISC-360 then it shall be implemented for other codes also.
Guest 4 months ago in  1 Future consideration

OpenSTAAD Function to Renumber Node

We request to at the OpenSTAAD function to renumber Nodes just like we do with beams.
Kanagarasu Kandasamy 4 months ago in  1 Future consideration

OpenSTAAD function to extract the Beam Forces summary table for the selected beams

Hi, Typically, to get end forces to design the connection for a certain beam size, a group is created and the bounding beam forces for the group are extracted using the "Beam Results - Beam Forces - Summary table" using the "Results Setup - Range ...
Tom Pallister 4 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Add load to the node/beam/element group using OpenSTAAD

Hi, I have an OpenSTAAD program that generates groups and that applies loads to the elements/beams/nodes in those groups. However I'd like to apply the load to the group directly using openSTAAD as you can in the STAAD Command File? What I want to...
Tom Pallister 4 months ago in  1 Future consideration